Beef and vegetable porridge (Soegogi-yachaejuk: 쇠고기야채죽)

16 Feb 2015 10:51 2,094
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Today's recipe is a delicious, colorful, savory one-bowl meal called Soegogi-yachaejuk, a nutritious rice porridge made with cuts of lean beef and tons of vegetables. It makes for a warm, hearty meal any time of the year. And it's easy on the stomach so good for people who are recuperating. It's also a low carb food, great if you're on a diet, and on top of all that, it's economical: you can make four huge bowls of porridge with only 1 cup of rice.

But the main reason to make this is because it's delicious. Make it for your friends and family, and I guarantee they will love it, or make a big batch for yourself, have a bowl now, and save the rest for later.

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