Building Your Fan Family on YouTube

29 Jun 2018 03:46 93
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Fans who feel a personal connection are more likely to share your videos and music. Watch for tips to help you engage with your fans more easily on YouTube. Learn more:

0:16 Replying to fans in the Comments section
0:25 Pinning comments to the top
0:46 Fans love hearing from you
0:49 Using the comments report to see which videos have the most comments
1:00 Hearting a comment rewards loyal fans
1:22 Moderating comments: Channel managers and comment moderators
1:40 Screening certain words with a block list
1:48 Removing, reporting, and hiding comments
2:00 Interacting with your audience: Asking your audience questions, replying to comments in a Q&A, poll cards
2:19 Sharing user generated/fan-uploaded content in a playlist
2:38 Increasing discovery by keeping metadata up to date and accurate
2:50 When posting to social media, sharing the link to your video from within a playlist to extend the viewing session
3:00 Collaborating - this can bring new audiences to your channel

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