about shree yantra, shri chakra: sacred geometry symbol, by mehboob sohel

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explore the shree yantra and its power to manifest abundance! by sacred geometry and consciousness artist, mehboob sohel.

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Mehboob Sohel:

An ex CEO turned Artist, Spiritual Guide & Musician. the overnight radical switch from a profit seeking corporate CEO to living his passions happened on 21-12-2012, the date extensively linked to the 2012 phenomenon theories.

Ever since his life is dedicated as an experiment to unravel the mysteries of the meta physical dimension that opened the doorways to passions and talents he never know existed.

His work now is de mysify the mystical and explore the dimensions that exist beyond the physical reality.

Some of his work is on unraveling the phenomenon of telepathy, esp and subliminal communication and beliefs that change our reality.

He believes that Humanity is at a crucial point in evolution and that we as a species are morphing from Homo Sapiens to Homo Celestus a new inter dimensional species with the discovery of the 6th sense, consciousness.

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