BOXING is more than fitness. This is your new LIFESTYLE

14 Sep 2018 02:50 23
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Its been known for a long time Boxing is one of the most physically and emotionally demanding sports on the planet. As the global boxing trend grows, its important to know why. We as humans need an outlet..for some its a new car, clothes, wine, a new husband or wife , or of course a fitness related task. What you may not know boxing helps to control stress, improve coordination, reaction time, balance, fine motor skills and when used in different ways memory. Boxing as a lifestyle doesn't mean getting punched in the face, its a skill, a world class workout and most important its enjoyable. Join all of us here on my Youtube channel, hit these workouts, adopt boxing as a lifestyle and see where it takes you. Life IS about who you are...but also about who you may become! #letsdothis

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