A Beautiful Mind Intro

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The idea spawn from wanting to put poems into a movie. So I decided to write lyrics to the classical music that plays throughout the movie "A Beautiful Mind." I took a base aspect of describing what I see inside the poem. So I am writing poems about what is on the screen and what is happening in the storyline when a classical piece plays in the background.

This is the first and only piece I have constructed using this idea, but I am sure I will expound upon these thoughts later. As it seems to give me a sense of creating something fun and unique in its own way.

A Beautiful Mind Intro



Comes to start with, black in heart then

Light will shout the, world comes out light's

All around the, gold is found to

Border sea then, a marquee to

Start with U and, backlight too it

Will disperse the, universe is

Coming here it's, shining clear then

The dot com will, cease to calm

Right NOW fade black, as it goes back

And then it's gone, nothing to dawn

The moon is ice, with clouds like vise

A fisher's line, shows mirror's shine

From moon to cloud boy, fishing loud the

Lettered moon a, D real soon that

Hides behind the, clouds entwined a

Greater word not, said or heard pass

Ing across to, end the toss of

Words that smirk while, dreaming work

T M it fades, with more black daze

That made this all, and brought to call

The black order to set border

What will appear, out comes a tear

To ripple pond, and let it spawn

With golden tips the picture strips to

Calm the piece for, its release the

Final one to, start the fun

Imagine this, a final bliss they

Are renown to, go on down for

These three men are, shown again as

They present to, show content of

What this is this genius wiz

Here it is Here it is Here is

A, a, beaut, beaut, ti, ful, mind, mind

A, a, beaut, beaut, ti, ful, kind, kind

A, a, beaut, beaut, ti, ful, mind, mind

A, a, a, mathematicians won the war (more)

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