I invaded an Indian slum

14 Feb 2019 18:57 808
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■ INDIA, AHMEDABAD: In the middle of India's 6th largest city lies a magical city within a city. It's often referred to as the local slum or joked about as the Hollywood Colony. Where or how it got the name no one has been able to tell me. But this is hands down the wildest happiest most lively place I've ever encountered on my India travels.

Every time I've driven by, there's been some festival or wedding party going on. The people are dressed in colorful Rajasthani fashion and nearly everyone says hello to me as I pass by.

Knowing though that the interweb is full of useless videos of people doing walk through in exotic areas I thought I'd do one better. Why not show people what the inside of this place looks like and how these people live? Thus was born Harald Invades....

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