The Society: Ending Explained And Crazy Theories

14 May 2019 10:08 1,071
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The Ending Of The Society Is Not What You Think...
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We here at TheBinger love to cover the weirdest theories on television and movies. So when The Society debuted Netflix, we knew that it was perfect! The finale has so many people talking already, and theory after theory are flying around. The final scene of the final episode threw a wrench into things and now we are questioning EVERYTHING from the show. From the fateful ending of Cassandra, to the leadership of Allie, West Ham has been through QUITE A LOT! Or, should we say New Ham?! The Theory about the Ending of Society will make your head spin, but all will be Explained in this video! Did Dewey really do it? Are the kids in the afterlife? Or are they in an alternate reality? What exactly do the parents know?

In this video, we will Explain the Ending of Society and All the Crazy Theories!

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