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Host Ian Cross travels to Dubai, a city that in just a few years has been transformed from desert into a bustling metropolis. Glittering skyscrapers have replaced the palm huts that were typical just 40 years ago. Dubai is famous for its gold, the only seven star hotel in the world... and its six world class golf courses.

Ian Cross starts at the Dubai Creek Club, situated in the heart of the city and running along side of Dubai creek. This golf course is one of the icons of the city, and also has gym, swimming pool, steam rooms and six restaurants and bars.

The following days he plays on the Dubai Country Club, a gift from the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al Maktoum in 1970, and the first golf course in Dubai.

Ian visits Burj al Arab hotel. Built on its own reclaimed island, the world’s tallest hotel reaches higher than the Eiffel Tower and is claimed to be a seven-star hotel!

Being there during the holy month of Ramadan, Ian notices the fantastic atmosphere on the streets after dark, and learns a bit more about Ramadan with the locals. But just because it gets dark doesn’t mean the golf has to stop! Ian goes to play on the Nad al Sheba night course with the Manager of the UAE national football team. The big advantage with night golf is that in a country where daytime temperatures can reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit, playing at night is a lot more comfortable. He then attends a horse race before trying an exciting local sport: dune bashing!

After a brief over view of other golf courses in Dubai, Ian learns more about the national sport of falconry at the Al Maha resort. Finally he heads to the Emirates club regarded by many as the best course in Dubai. The Emirates has two 18 hole courses, the most famous of which is the Majlis. This is the home of the world renowned 2 million dollar Dubai Desert Classic.

Golf, like everything else, is booming in Dubai and whether you’re a golfer or not, Dubai is a really exciting place to be.

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