If Pokemon Met Their Alola Forms (Part 2)

28 Nov 2016 01:41 8,647
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Welcome back to the Alola Region! We saw your comments asking about the Alola forms we didn't cover and decided to make ANOTHER video to make sure we got all of the Alola jokes out of our system.

Oh, and Shuckle.

Huge thanks to artist JaegerLucciano23, who designed the Alolan Vulpix, Sandslash, and Marowak sprites used in the video. Check out all of their awesome work here - http://jaegerlucciano23.deviantart.com/.

Big thanks to artist leparagon, who designed the Alolan Raticate. Check out more of leparagon's amazing work here - http://leparagon.deviantart.com/.

And finally, major thanks to artist TrainerSplash, - who designed the awesome Mimikyu sprite used in the video. Check out the rest of TrainerSplash's work here - http://trainersplash.deviantart.com/.

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