How To Mildly Annoy Your Dog For Under $10

24 Nov 2016 13:24 3
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"The Purse B*tch Fiasco of '15 | StoryTime with Paige"

So I know I've really, really sucked lately because it's been almost a full 2 weeks since I last uploaded and I'm sorry. If you're reading this put "Wow Paige, good job being the worst procrastinating bitch on the planet and sucking the fun out of everything. I can't even look at your stupid face right now." in the comments below! lol

This week I really wanted to upload some footage I've had of Neely for awhile because it's just one of those things, no matter how many times you watch it, it never loses it's hilarity!! I hope you guys laugh as hard as I do!! Don't forget to leave a like for Neely!!

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