Golden Kingdom

18 Nov 2016 01:19 1
9 2

With their monastery nestled in the luscious jungle mountains of Myanmar,
life cycles peacefully for four young Buddhist monks. One day
the head abbot, Sayadaw, learns he must depart on a journey through
the mountain pass – a journey that may never see his return. Alone and
exposed, the four young boys, led by the courageous ‘Witazara’, must
now fend for themselves.
Strange days filled with ghostly phenomena and jarring events shake
the boys to the core, dramatically influencing their understanding of
this world and beyond, as Witazara must choose whether to follow the
master into the pass.
Shot entirely in newly-opened Myanmar with non-actors, the film
bridges spirit, cinema, and traditional Burmese storytelling to open a
view onto an unseen world.

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