How To Change Your Engine Oil - Honda S2000

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How To Change The Oil In Your Car - Full Synthetic Oil Change
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1. First, it’s a good idea to run the car outside for a bit; this ensures the oil is warmed up and makes draining it easier. Obviously you’ll want to avoid touching anything hot once you do start working on the car.

2. Second, we’ll need to lift the car up onto jack stands. I’ve explained how to do this in a separate video. It’s certainly not necessary to lift it onto all four jack-stands as seen for just an oil change, but I’ll be addressing other fluids while under the vehicle. As you can tell this obviously isn’t a sponsored video as these companies tend to not like being in a video together, but I like these companies products so I’m using them for different fluids in my car.

3. Next we want to place a drain tub underneath the car, and then remove the oil pan drain bolt, to drain the engine oil. It can help to crack open the oil fill cap to help drain oil.

4. Once the oil has finished draining, move the drain tub underneath the oil filter, and unscrew the oil filter. You may want to do this fairly slowly, to allow the oil to drain out into the tub. When removing the oil filter, make sure the rubber gasket from the old filter does not remain on the engine.

5. Rub a small amount of new oil onto the gasket of the new oil filter, in this case I’m using a genuine Honda filter specifically for the S2000. Then screw the new oil filter on. After the rubber gasket seats, tighten the oil filter based on what the owners manual recommends, or what the oil filter recommends. In this case Honda recommends a 7/8ths turn of the filter after the gasket seats, or 16 lb-ft.

6. Next, screw down the drain bolt, replacing the 14 mm washer. A lot of people like to use the old washer, but you can literally replace it with an OEM washer from Honda for 30 cents, so there’s really no reason not to replace it. Most auto parts stores will also carry them. Tighten the drain plug to 29 lb-ft using a torque wrench, and be sure not to over tighten as this is an aluminum drain pan and you can damage the threads.

7. Be sure to clean off any oil that remains on the drain plug or oil filter.

8. Pull the drain tub out from under the car, and lower the car back down so that it’s level. This is especially true when you’ve just lifted the front end up onto jack stands.

9. Unscrew the oil fill cap, and add the recommended type and quantity of oil, in this case 4.8 liters or 5.1 quarts of SAE 10W-30.

10. Screw the oil cap back on, and run the car for a few minutes in a well ventilated area. Check underneath the car to ensure there are no leaks. Shut the car off, and address leaks as necessary.

11. Check the oil fill level using the dipstick, and make sure the oil fill level is just below or no higher than the top mark of the dipstick. Add oil if necessary.

12. Finally, dispose of the old oil properly. Many auto parts stores will recycle it, or you can take it to a local hazardous waste disposal area for recycling.

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