Ford F350 PowerStroke Trying to Self Destruct - Runaway.

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DO NOT tell me how you would unhook or yank the power cables off I needed a 13mm to disconnect them, that wasn't a option. I was trying to tap on the solenoid to get it to stop.
THIS TRUCK FAILED TO START BECAUSE OF WEAK BATTERIES, the starter solenoid had stuck causing the starter to keep running, not the relay under the hood, but the SOLENOID MOUNTED DIRECTLY on the starter that draws unfused power from both batteries (there is no fuse that can stop this)!

Ford NEVER made a 7.3 if your comment has to do with ignorant brand bias you will just get a copy and paste reply to read this and then ignored, I don't have time to waste with that childishness. I bought this truck in abused shape, the air filter housing was cracked (probably due to ether use) and the turbo was dusted and piston rings damaged. This wasn't the makers fault but the previous idiot that owned it, so if you think it's ford's fault then I'm sorry you are that unknowledgeable or young to understand any better but I don't have time to argue so you are probably muted.

If you want to see a good -6F cold start check out to see a well maintained powerstroke.

After letting my 97 F350 7.3 PowerStroke Diesel sit for a week I go out to start it up after it being 15 degrees the night before. Block heater wasn't plugged in.
I have done a complete tear down of this engine, check it out at

In April 2013 I just put a new starter solenoid on it, and I will be taking it back to Advanced Auto Parts to get a new one as it is CLEARLY defective, it's done this several other times but never for more than 1-3 seconds and it usually only did it when I would shut the truck off. Crazy.

This same week I was blessed enough to have found a 96 F350 7.3 from the original owner that is was in much better shape just in need of a e-fuel system.
Check out all my 7.3 videos

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