Spain General Elections: Exit poll results are out

11 Nov 2019 12:05 7
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Hello and welcome to Euronews Live. These are the main stories this evening:

➡️ Back to the polls. The campaigning is all-but-over, now Spaniards prepare for a fourth general election in as many years.

➡️ Ready to draw a line under the political uncertainty, Romania's President stands for re-election, just days after the installation of a new government.

➡️ The "brain death" of NATO - The French President issues a blunt warning about the future of the military alliance, saying it can't rely on the US for defence.

➡️ Facebook shouldn't be the truth police, we hear more about Facebook's controversial political advertising policy following committee hearings in Dublin.

➡️ Turning back the clock - As the Berlin wall went up, we remember the men who dug down to provide an escape route to the West.....

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