How To Correct Holograms, Scratches And Swirls! - VW Golf R - Chemical Guys Car Care

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Improper polishing techniques have covered this Golf R in buffer trails or more commonly known as holograms.

Today we show you the steps and procedures to restoring a perfect shine. Starting off with a wash to cleanse the surface of heavier abrasive dirt we made sure we didn't add any additional scratches or swirls. Before polishing a clay bar service is necessary to drag out embedded contamination that can clog pads and create micro scratches.

Now that the surface is properly prepared we can move to the polish using the TORQ 10 FX with an Orange Quantum Hex-Logic Pad combined with V36, Nick removes the imperfections to expose fresh paint. Further refinement is achieved with V38 and a White Quantum Hex-Logic Pad.

Polishing exposes new paint that must be protected to prevent dulling and fading. JetSeal is a great way to give any color car a durable layer of protection for up to 12 months.

To make this VW shine like none other we lastly apply a coat of Cherry Wet Wax which enhances the deep blue shine and rich gloss.

Before we can hand the Golf back to the owner we wipe it down with C9 Vitalize Quick Detail Spray removes dust, fingerprints and residue while at the same time it is repelling water spots, grime and contamination which keeps the car looking cleaner for longer.


Orange Hex-Logic Quantum Pad

White Hex-Logic Quantum Pad

V36 Cutting Polish & V38 Final Polish


Blue Hex-Logic Quantum Pad

Cherry Wet Wax

Red Hex-Logic Quantum Pad

Happy Ending Towel

C9 Vitalize Quick Detail Spray

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