[MV] UP10TION(업텐션) Going Crazy(미치게 해)

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[MV] UP10TION(업텐션) _ Going Crazy(미치게 해)

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:: iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/album/special-photo-edition-single/id1295627647?l=ko&ls=1&app=itunes

[ UP10TION ]

Group UP10TION, which upgrades its dynamic performances every time, returns with a manly performance by releasing its special photo album [ UP10TION 2017 SPECIAL PHOTO EIDITION ]

The title track ‘Going Crazy’ is the first song in collaboration with AAP led by rapper and producer Nassun, who helped mixed group K.A.R.D to gain global popularity after producing ‘Oh NaNa’, ‘Don’t Recall’ and ‘Hola Hola’ for the group. ‘Going Crazy’ is a Retro house-based dance song that expresses the desperation of a man who wants to hold a woman whom he can barely hold but can’t and emphasizes the musical growth of UP10TION.


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[ 업텐션 ]

매 순간 업그레이드 된 다이나믹 퍼포먼스를 선보이는 그룹 ‘업텐션(UP10TION)’이 스페셜 화보 앨범 [ UP10TION 2017 SPECIAL PHOTO EIDITION ] 을 발표하고 짙은 남자 향기가 풍기는 퍼포먼스로 돌아온다.
타이틀곡 ‘미치게 해’는 혼성그룹 K.A.R.D의 ‘Oh NaNa’, ‘Don’t Recall’, ‘Hola Hola’를 탄생시킨 후 K.A.R.D의 글로벌 인기의 조력자 역할을 한 래퍼이자 프로듀서 낯선이 이끄는 AAP가 업텐션과 함께 처음으로 선보이는 곡이다. ‘미치게 해’는 손에 잡힐 듯 잡히지 않는 여자를 붙잡고 싶은 남자의 간절함을 표현하며 레트로하우스(Retro house) 기반의 댄스곡으로 업텐션의 음악적 성장을 부각시킨다.

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