How To Spot a Fake Twitter Account

10 Nov 2014 03:47 5
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How to spot a fake Twitter account and the actions you can take to report a fake account

Tip 1

Beware of bio links

Spammers, scammers and hackers often use links in their Twitter bios (as as their feed) to get users to visit malicious sites.

Tip 2

Compare their followers to the number of people they follow

Fake or spam Twitter accounts follow thousands of users of users but
have very few followers themselves

Tip 3

Watch out for nonsensical mentions from strangers

You may get a random tweet from or mention thats makes no sense, This is often a sure sign that it's a fake or malicious account

Tip 4

Beware of links tweeted with popular hashtags

Scammers often use trending or popular hashtags to tweet malicious links or get you to view their bio link

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