Fortnite Save The World (PvE) & Battle Roayle Gameplay

16 Apr 2018 07:30:26 52
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Let's Play Fortnite Save The World. Welcome to Fortnite Save The World Gameplay with MonzyGames!!

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Chat Rules:
No spam, racism or self promotion allowed. Keep the chatroom friendly, we are all here to have a great time!

Become A Sponsor:
Receive any 2 items of your choosing in the list to buy & remain on my friends list.

**When you purchase an item please make sure that you include the item name & Epic Games Gamer Tag name so there wont be any confusion to whom purchased the item! Also please purchase during stream hours, it is easier to keep track and to prioritize properly. If you do not include your gamer tag and you do not receive your item, I will not be held accountable for it!

Items to buy ($1 per 10 weapon levels): 3 ITEMS LIMIT PER DAY PER CLIENT!!!!!!
$3 - Nocturno (AR)
$3 - Easter Egg Launcher (Explosive)
$3 - Flame Grill Floor Trap (Stack of 30)
$3 - Ceiling Electric Field (Stack of 30)
$3 - Wall Darts (Stack of 30)
$4 - Siegebreaker / Scar (AR)
$4 - Grave Digger (AR)
$4 - Super Shredder (Sniper)
$4 - Krypton Sword
$4 - Stabsworth The 3rd (Sword)
$4 - Elegant Scythe
$4 - Heartbreaker (Sniper)
$4 - Wooden Floor Spikes (Stack of 30)
$1 - SSD priority (will do your SSD asap)

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