Pit Stop - Trailer

23 May 2017 02:02 0
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The most dangerous game ever devised, to pit man against man, flesh against steel – the figure-8 race! Jack Hill teams up with Sid Haig in one of his greatest roles for this action-spectacular crash-o-rama! Richard Davalos stars as Rick Bowman, a street punk who winds up in jail after a street race goes wrong. Bailed out by race promoter Grant Willard, he is put in the deadly track where he comes up against maniacal winner Hawk Sidney. Featuring an outstanding supporting cast including Brian Donlevy, in his last film appearance, Ellen Burstyn (billed as Ellen McRae) and Beverly Washburn, Pit Stop is one of Hill's lesser known films but arguably his greatest. Filmed on a real figure-8 track, Hill and his crew were able to capture gripping real-life car wreck scenes, giving the film a brilliant sense of realism. You've never seen a motion picture like this before – can you take it? 1969 Arrow Films

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