Tips to Increase Creator Productivity & Happiness

15 Jun 2018 03:19 78
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Do your analytics stress you out? Are you still making what you love to make? Need help with your creation process? In this fourth and final video of our series around health and well-being for YouTube creators, you’ll hear tips and advice on how to increase your productivity and your overall happiness.

For more tips, check out our Creator Academy course on Staying Well and Avoiding Burnout:

Special thanks to Cammie Scott, gootecks from CrossCounter TV, Jessica McCabe from How to ADHD, Kenzie Elizabeth Dom Fera, Nick Uhas from Nickipedia, Jordan Kahana, John Atkins from The Ukulele Teacher, Jess Lizama, DSharp from IAmDSharp, and Taylor Calmus from Dude Dad for sharing your advice!

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