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Chef Ajay Chopra, told us about how his destiny to be a chef was decided by God and that he did succeed in his endeavours because of his father’s determination and his constant support.

His journey began when he joined a Hotel Management institute and the turning point came when he started doing his Industrial Training where he felt that he could start building himself, “one onion at a time.” He started working with the Oberoi Group of Hotels and was a gold medalist of the Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development's (OCLD) culinary and management program.

His motto in life is to “work hard” and he does that by peeling one onion at a time. He taught us a lot about the culinary industry around the time he started doing it. He just kept on pushing his boundaries because he knew that this was the thing that he wanted to do. Mr. Ajay Chopra is one of the most renowned celebrity chefs of India and London. He began his career with the Cecil Oberoi in Shimla and then got enrolled in OCLD , where he developed a passion for food and cooking. Chef Ajay started working with JW Marriott, he also worked in London and during this time he became one of the well renowned faces in the food factory. Later, he also appeared in TV shows where he taught cooking to beginners and judged one of the famous cooking competitions-"Masterchef India, Season 1 and 2".
Adding to the never ending list, he is also responsible for food, beverage and banqueting operations of the hotel, The Westin Mumbai Garden City, which includes 'Prego'-the finest Italian restaurant in Mumbai, 'Kangan' which is acclaimed for its breathtaking north west frontier food and 'Seasonal Tastes'-the 24 hour multi cuisine. Chef Ajay Chopra has worked with some of the most prestigious names around the world like Gordon Ramsay and Angela Harn. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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