Have fun with dressing up on Hands On Crafts for Kids (1802)

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It’s fun to dress up and decorate. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs and Katie Hacker team up to make a really cool cape with an eagle design. They use Elmer’s® Glue All® and Kunin™ Classicfelt™. Candie Cooper recreates a design in her Canson® Sketch Book from a famous modern artwork by the artist Mondrian. She uses Sakura® Color Products of America’s Cray Pas® Junior Artist® Oil Pastels to create her design. Then, we’ll dance away in a new tutu skirt made of FloraCraft® glittered organza decorated with glitter glue and felt. Last, make a patriotic decoration from blogger Angie Holden with red, white and blue ribbons and a Styrofoam™ brand wreath. Have fun pretending with these and more projects made on Hands On Crafts for Kids!


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