Pedal Extreme | Pedal Pumping with Kami | Collection!

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This set features two clips showcasing Kami from Pedal Extreme in the Buick then her driving her real vehicle. Both showcase her in jeans, well worn shoes with her toes peeping to reveal pink polish.

In her first adventure, Kami is in the garage rushing to the car to leave. Neighbors are around as you'll see across the street but this does not deter her aggressive manner in the slightest but it was quite embarrassing as the old quivering Buick puts up a major fuss as her delicate feet with open toe shoes work the pedals in her feeble attempts. Plenty of holding the pedal to the carpet in her efforts!

In her next feature, its off to the races as she jumps into own car running late. She works the pedals weaving through traffic to her destination all the while in those cute low cut open toe shoes. Enjoy!

This collection is specially priced as low as C4S allows for the first 24 hours, then it will be place in rotation with it's normal price.

this custom mini collection features kami in 2 clips totaling 15 minutes of video restored to MP4. special pricing to purchase this collection is now available.

enjoy! :)

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Pedal Extreme | Pedal Pumping with Kami | Collection!

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