What Anxiety Feels Like | Living with an Anxiety Disorder

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This is what it's like living with an anxiety disorder and how it feels. I repeat in the video that living with anxiety isn't fun, and this was done intentionally. If you are watching this and are also a human being, you experience anxiety. This is a completely normal and healthy emotion, but for me, anxiety impacted my daily life in a very negative way and I needed to seek professional help.
Living with an anxiety disorder means being extremely self disciplined in both the way I think and my behaviours. I prepare myself for uncertainty and the "what if" I have a panic attack scenario. That's what anxiety truly is - the fear of the unknown and not trusting in yourself that you will be able to deal with what comes your way. So that's basically the living part of anxiety, it's exhausting at times because it is in the back of my mind in times where my mindfulness practice isn't as well executed as it should be.
Now for the good stuff. What does anxiety feel like? Everyone Youtuber seems to have this disorder so the feelings should be pretty well documented in online media by now!
The truth is, anxiety feels absolutely disgusting. I feel small, overpowered and feel like God or everyone I walk by has a spotlight on me. Nothing brings joy and everything seems like an obstacle in the way of where I'm trying to go.
The interesting part is that since the world seems to bring anxiety to ME, there is no escape. No escape from my mind and no escape from the world. This means that each and every moment holds this countdown to when the moment will be over but once it's over, this doesn't bring relief because the anxiety persists.
These are very common symptoms and feelings I get with depression as well.
In summary, living with an anxiety disorder isn't fun and anxiety feels like a demon strangling you and only letting you breathe every 45 seconds.

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