Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen ☀️Wearing With Makeup + How to Apply in Skincare Routine

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This video is your one stop shop for everything sunscreen!! We're constantly told "APPLY SUNSCREEN!" without really knowing how it works, so we're going to be going through everything from UVA & UVB, how your skin gets affected by the rays, difference between chemical & physical sunscreens, what order you should be applying sunscreen in your skincare and makeup routine and best of all, show you how ineffective it is to just rely on your foundation to provide you with a helpful layer of protection against the sun. So watch till the end and we'll also give you our personal favorite sunscreens! ☺️

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Felicia's Top Picks:
🌞DrunkElephant Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense Protection


🌞Luminosity Daily Habit Sunscreen

Mia's Top Picks
🌟PCA Skin Weightless Protection

🌟Ultraceuticals Daily Moisturizer SPF 50+

🌟Alpha H

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