CS:GO Fragging and Bunny Hopping - Top Notch

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This is my config! You can download it here.


This is my esea link, if you use me through the referall program and sign up it supports me a lot!


This is my link to the steam group, I post here when I go LIVE on twitch, and I tend to show previews and support other peoples videos on here as well from time to time! Come join and check it out!

http://steamcommunity.com/id/hoppinaround (Main - Global Elite)
http://steamcommunity.com/id/ugctincan (Alt - LEM)

These are the two steam accounts that I am most frequently on, you can try to add me, but it has gotten very hard lately to add everyone who wants to talk to me.


This is my stream, I do live bhop tutorials on here as well as play with viewers and do mm games! Be sure to drop a follow!

Songs: Siriusmo - Nights Off, Alexisonfire - To A Friend (Adventure Club Remix), and i.V. - Life in Waiting

Description: Thanks for watching guys! Recently I have been enjoying editing a lot again, so look for more videos soon!

I am trying to support myself by streaming and such, but if you would like to donate to me! I really do appreciate the help, but you do not need to feel the need to donate whatsoever :P here is the donation link! https://imraising.tv/u/hoppinaround/

Sorry for the lagginess on the jump deagle!! On Nuke, that is.

First part inspired by fistor's mSx frag movie

Hope you guys have an awesome day!!! :D

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