DIY Miniature Doll House Rooms Barbie Crafts Bedroom and swimming pool backlit, living room.

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In this video, I show 8 DIY dollhouse rooms: kitchen, toilet / bathroom, bedroom, pool, living room, balcony, and room for Frozen.
DIY Miniature Frozen Bedroom and Bathroom
DIY Brozen bathroom, bedroom and accessories
See how to make a miniature house for a Barbie doll. This is a chic miniature two-story dollhouse for Barbie and Fozen. The doll house has a kitchen, living room, terrace, study, bathroom, balcony, miniature staircase, bedroom and a real pool with steep LED lighting. In each room there is an illumination of doll furniture, curtains. I have long wanted to make a miniature house for dolls with my own hands and my dream came true. This is not a set, but in a miniature house there are many different Barbie doll sets. My friend, I hope you enjoy this miniature house with a pool and a water slide.
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To make a miniature house, you will need:
1. 3 pieces Laminate.
2. Construction plastic. two lanes 2.7 meters.
3. PVC foam 3 sq.m.
4. Super glue 1 big tube and hot glue 3 rods.
5. Self-adhesive film. 1.5 square meters M
6. Mounting knife.
7. Marker 1mm.
8. Coal rule.
9. Aluminum wire.
10. Scissors.
11. Foamiran.
12. Clay Titan.
1. Thin wires 2 meters (twisted pair will work fine).
2. Insulating tape.
3. LED strip.
4. 12 volt power supply.
5. Buttons included.
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