Naruto VS Ichigo | DEATH BATTLE!

09 Nov 2017 28:17 19,521
136,646 17,985

It's Naruto VS Bleach in our biggest anime fight ever!
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Wiz/Showrunner: Ben B. Singer
Boomstick: Chad James
Project Lead: Nick Cramer
Lead Animator: Luis Cruz
Voice of Naruto: Dawn M. Bennett
Voice of Ichigo: Adam Park
Sound Design/Kurama: Noel Wiggins
Sprite Artist: Chris "Jerky" Bastin
Additional Animation: Kervin Alcindor
Battle Music: Brandon Yates
Video Editor: Gerardo Mejia
Casting/Voice Directing: Marissa Lenti
Audio Engineer: Patrick Morphy
Battle Announcer: Chris Guerrero
Research Team: Max Baney, Matthew Jones, LousyTactician, Carmelo Sampayo, Liam Swan, Devin Swedenburg


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