Men With Sword 2 【刺客列传之龙血玄黄】- Episode 06 [Eng] | Chinese Drama

25 Sep 2017 35:19 20
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☞【Synopsis】:Men With Sword II is the sequel of Men with Sword.The emperor was murdered,leading to turmoil in the world.There were four countries in the world,namely Tianxuan,Tianshu,Tianji and Tianquan.After that,Nansu invaded Zhongyuan,and conquered Tianshu and Tianji.The Prince Murong Li incited Nansu to invade Tianxuan,leading to the failue of Nansu and helping his brother Yuxiao occupy an area.In order to balance the power,Zhong Kunyi assigned assiting Lingguang to Gu Shian and Gen Mochi in Tianxuan.However, Murong Li lured Tianquan and Sunan to conquer Tianxuan.The world becomes chaotic again.And what will the story go on?

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