ATC Procedures with All the IFR Test Questions on Them (PPV)

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This is the ATC Procedures Chapter of the Instrument Knowledge Test Prep Software/App. In this Chapter we will go over all of the topics dealing with ATC Procedures (from Filing a Flight Plan, to Understanding Notams, from Holding, to Visual and Contact Approaches, Etc.). Furthermore we will go over all of the Know FAA Instrument Test questions that pertain to this topic in detail.
We spent 15 years developing easier methods to help pilots master difficult aviation topics (watch our VOR Navigation Video to see the difference:
We can guarantee our teaching methods will:
Help you ace the FAA Instrument Knowledge Test.
Allow you to finally understand concepts you thought you never would.
And therefore make you a much better and safer pilot.
Table of Contents
IFR Flight Planning 00:00:14
NOTAMs 00:02:14
All of the Test Questions on NOTAMs 00:04:06
Flight Plans 00:07:30
Aircraft Special Equipment 00:10:49
Composite Flight Plans 00:12:55
ATC Clearances 00:14:35
Pilot's Responsibilities 00:17:18
VFR Restrictions 00:21:02
Non Control Tower Airports 00:23:32
Departure Procedures (DPs) 00:27:16
Climb Performance Questions (Legend 16) 00:28:23
Departure and Enroute Control 00:30:23
Position Reports 00:33:09
Standard Instrument Arrivals (STARs) 00:35:56
Radar, Traffic and Safety 00:39:32
How ATC Reports Traffic (The Clock Method) 00:40:50
Holding Procedures 00:41:30
Holding Pattern Terminology 00:43:35
Holding Clearances 00:45:14
Holding Entries 00:46:46
Holding Entries Questions 00:48:25
Figure 115 and 116 Holding Entries Questions (DME Fix Holding) 00:52:21
Visual Approaches 00:54:27
Contact Approaches 00:55:40
Cancelling IFR 00:57:23
Two-Way Radio Communication Failure 00:58:37
IFR Emergencies 01:01:48

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