Finding Your Authentic Self | Jennifer Ladouceur | TEDxVaughanWomen

24 Nov 2016 17:59 12
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Are you allowing the world to define who you are? Jennifer shares her deepest secrets about how she wasn’t living an Authentic Life and believed what those closest to her were saying, that she wasn’t good enough. Being honest about her challenges that at one time embarrassed her, such as having dyslexia and dealing with mental health issues in her family. Surviving cancer at a young age changed everything and opened her eyes to what it means to live an Authentic Life. Jennifer talks about her journey of finding her authentic self and beating the odds.

Jennifer is driven by constantly challenging the status quo. While taking a diverse career path holding leadership roles in the private and public sectors, she has always been committed to thinking differently, innovating, and creating positive change, while building strong teams and inspiring those around her to achieve new heights. Jennifer holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Masters Certificate in Municipal Leadership from Schulich School of Business, a Certificate in Economic Development from the University of Waterloo and Harvard Business School’s ManageMentor Program. All her personal and professional experiences have led Jennifer to this point: the founding of “Pozentivity Inc” which focuses on working directly with professional women in retreats around the world and within large organizations creating women leadership networks, in-house.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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