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Do you need help with how to deal with depression? Today Marisa Peer reveals three things you need to know on how to be happy. Experience instant transformational therapy in her FREE masterclass 👉

With the help of Marisa Peer, you can learn how to get rid of fear and gain the self-confidence you’ve always wanted to become a happy and successful person.

Marisa Peer is a best-selling author, motivational speaker and celebrity therapist who coaches people on personal growth. She was voted Best Speaker at Awesomeness Fest.

In this self confidence motivational video, "The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: ‘I’m Not Enough,’” Marisa Peer explains effective ways on how to overcome depression and build your self confidence.

01:01 3 Things that you need to know about your brain in order to achieve anything
02:41 Story of a Celebrity that Marisa consulted
12:13 Story of Marisa’s Daughter
20:43 What your mind listens to
25:45 Make Praise familiar and make Criticism unfamiliar
33:20 How to trick your brain in different situation
37:32 Story of getting rid of the fear of flights of a person by tricking her brain
40:42 Recap of the Lessons

Learn how to deal with depression and more in Marisa Peer’s FREE masterclass

Not only does Marisa Peer offer advice on how to develop the skill of self-confidence, but her experience as a therapist, has helped many people learn how to be happy in their daily lives.

In this video with Marisa Peer, she talks about how to deal with depression and focus on self development.

If you’re looking for real-life examples on personal growth, Marisa Peer explains how to be happy and overcome your deepest fears, so you can face the world with optimism.

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