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Every single woman must master the natural look, which is appropriate for all occasions (plus it's a big trend right now). All you need is one eyeshadow, a brown eyeliner pencil and a natural lip colour. You can wear this natural look with almost any outfit.This kind of makeup is ideal for the office or even a brunch, plus it hardly takes any effort! And, you can always switch up the lipstick to make it brighter depending on the occasion.

Watch out for the Pallavi Symon's foundation trick, where she mentions to apply foundation just on your T-Zone blending and thinning it out towards the outside edges of your face. The effect this creates is that it highlights the center of your face and helps you avoid a mask like cakey appearance which is big no-no during the day. I did actually try this out, and it does help give a more natural look. And considering the humid climate we live in, its perfect!

We were excited to try out this new makeup line - StudioWest by Westside. Pallavi Symons actually participated in the development of the whole range (how exciting is that!).

They are launching in Bombay soon, if you happen to try out this range tell us in the comments below.

The products used in this video are:
Studiowest by Westside

-Flawless Finish Foundation (Light Beige 01)
-Flawless Finish Compact (Light Beige 01)
-Crystal Eyeshadow (Daytime Neutrals 02)
-Extreme Eyeliner (Expresso Delight 11)
-Luscious Mascara
-Radiance Blush (Dusty Rose 01)
-Longlasting Lipstick (Apricot Blush 520)

Monica Shah (Beauty Editor, Glamrs)

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