Farting Summertime Santa Prank | I PRANKED MY PARENTS

18 Jul 2017 04:08 42
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Watch what happens when JC and Izzy accuse people of farting on Santa!

→ Credits ←
Executive Producer
Judy Meyers
Birk Rawlings

Shane Spiegel

Directed by
Shane Spiegel and Justin Reager

Written By
Dan Siegel

Juliocesar Chavez
Izzy Newman

Director of Photography
Jacob Abrams

Justin Reager

Line Producer
Brett Hodgson

Production Coordinator
Jeremy Chilvers

Art Director
Caitlin Williams

Hair and Makeup
Kathleen Pardo

Camera Operators
Dillon Novak
Dustin LeBoeuf

Sound Mixer
Ian Wellman

Set Teachers
Carol Bandy

Production Assistant
Chris Bouzane

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