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The Nightlife Adventure Tour

With the Nightlife adventure tour you will have the opportunity to party away to music presented by the best Dj's and performing artist's in the world, all while in the company of many famous celebrities, artists, athletes and popular figures. This is the ultimate party experience, with drinks both (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) provided all night, the night life adventure tour takes place in the world famous night club Oro.
Oro is the latest jewel of the Caribbean; located at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana. With over 14,000 square feet dispersed into two levels, 171 intelligent moving head lights surrounded with the best sound system in the world; Funktion One. Oro is designed to be at the height of the most prestigious clubs found in Las Vegas and Miami. It has 300 impressive LED screens and the first infinite bar wall. Inspired by the sensuality of the Dominican Republic, Oro is an unforgettable experience captivating guests with a feeling of euphoria and bliss.
At Oro you will find the best service that any nightclub can offer. Served by the most polite and professional waiters and attended by expert bartenders brought from Las Vegas, Mexico, Miami, Spain, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, along with the best safety equipment that money can buy. Oro will make you feel like a millionaire.
Please be advised that this tour is for ages 18 and older and transportation is provided to and from Oro.

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