Buying the CHEAPEST violin on AMAZON for $30 - is it any good??

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I decided to buy the cheapest violin from Amazon, just to see what it would be like for you guys out there who don't have a huge budget for a violin, but would still like to learn....

Whilst I kept an open mind from a beginners perspective, I will still not impressed. It might seem like it worked and did the job, but the main issue for me was the dam tuning - in that it WOULD NOT stay in tune at all.
The fact that it was almost impossible for me, a professional teacher and violinist of over 30 years, to tune it, doesn't bode well for you folks out there who are just starting out. I wish you luck😂

IF you can get past the tuning, the sound is ok. It's pretty bad, but it plays.
I would NOT recommend you waste your money on these cheap violins as it might seem like you don't want to waste money buying something you might not like, but if you can't tune them, you end up wasting your time instead, trying to learn on what is essentially a defective violin.
It's a false economy. You are better to save up a little more and buy something that will not hinder you in the early stages of learning.

Now, if you want something proper to learn on, or even upgrade too, that will only help you learn and not hinder you, I can 100% recommend these Fiddlerman violins!
I have included each violin video review as well as a purchase link:

1. Fiddlerman OB1 violin review:
2. Fiddlerman Apprentice violin review:
3. Fiddlerman Concert violin review:
4. Fiddlerman Artist violin review:
5. Fiddlerman Master violin review:
6. Fiddlerman Soloist violin review:

- Lessons 1-10:
- Lessons 11-20:

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