DOG TRAINING INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: "The Come Command" NOW ONLY $14.99 (reg. $39.99)

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"I just watched your come command video, and it was very, very good. Unlike most training DVDs, that use already trained dogs and only give you a limited description of what to do if your dog doesn't get with the program, you used untrained dogs and untrained owners. A good plus to see them both learning. I dabbled with e-collar training but I found some areas that were a bit confusing, you helped clear them up. My dog would get stuck on people when told to come, and I'd have to drag them away, I know it may sound a bit dumb but I never thought off the "bowling ball" send away. And he always came to me with a slow trot, never any rush if I wasn't bribing with food. I'm thinking of pursuing the career of a dog trainer, and this video gave some good tips I'll be sure to write down and remember. Thanks again for this video!"
-Kevin B.
Chester, VA

Gentle and Effective E-Collar Training for Puppies and Dogs of all ages. Full length Video!

The most comprehensive E-Collar Training DVD ever offered. Even if you chose not to use the E-collar, you will gain incredible knowledge and ideas from this Video to use on your own dogs.

This Video was made with the serious Dog Owner in mind. It can also be useful for Dog Trainers, Hunting Dogs, Police Dogs, Competition Dogs, Protection Dogs, and anyone who wants to have a happy, balanced, and extremely well trained dog just like the thousands of happy client we have worked with over the last 20 years.

This is the first time that we are offering to the public a comprehensive do-it-yourself method that we have only offered to a select few.

Enjoy the video and look for the next video in the series...The Heel Command!

**I will be making Clicker Training Videos, Effective Food Method Video, and Collar Training Video in the near future as these are also very popular training methods that I also incorporate into my dog training programs.


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