[4K] 40 Heavy's Landing and Take-off at Melbourne Airport (MEL/YMML)

16 Sep 2017 36:40 4
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Beautiful landing and take-off from 40 heavy planes at Melbourne Airport, Australia! Melbourne Airport has so much awesome heavy planes and also from really cool airlines in Azia and more! I love the spot at Melbourne were you have the great engine spool up! You can see some of that in this compilation! You see the planes from different locations and they changed the runways in the afternoon! I'm so happy that I've seen the special Qantas 747! That plane and livery are so awesome! In this heavy compilation you see 330's, 787's, 777's, 380's and 747's! I hop I can visit Melbourne again because the traffic and spots are so awesome!

Date: 27th of March 2017
Airport: Melbourne
Runway: 34, 16 and 27
Camera: Sony FDR-AX33 4K Camcorder

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