Planet X Safe Havens When Nibiru Passes Earth [VIDEO]

26 Mar 2017 52:06 40
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Some scientists say the pole shift would take a long time, decades or hundreds of years, others say the opposite could happen. Scientists don't really know for sure. If they do, they simply aren't telling us. Other scientists say that Planet X Nibiru is coming through our solar system and will wreak havoc on the Earth's gravitational field.

Supposedly, Nibiru's passage is what will cause the Earth cataclysms. Other scientists say that no such thing exists. No matter what, if something drastic happens water is a moveable substance. Coastal areas could be considered "slosh zones" if the planet's water gets a little wild. Some say you need to live around a 5000 foot elevation to be safe, others say 8000 feet. Since human history does not contain accurate and verifiable data as to how something like this would play out, it is anyone's guess.

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