The Heat: Lebanon’s political future PT 1

24 Nov 2016 17:15 0
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For two years, Lebanon was stuck. No president, no parliamentary elections and a looming refugee and unemployment crisis plaguing the small Middle Eastern nation. Now, Lebanon welcomes a new president, Michel Aoun, and with him, hope for change. But critics worry about his alliance with Hezbollah and his ties to Iran. Will a new leader usher in a new era or will it be more of the same? CCTV’s Youmna Naufal reports from Beirut. To discuss Lebanon’s political future: Edmund Ghareeb, a scholar and specialist in media issues and Middle East affairs. Halim Shebaya, a Lebanese journalist and he teaches at the Lebanese American University. Spiro Azkoul, the U.S. national coordinator for the Free Patriotic Movement party in Lebanon.

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