Police Chase BIKERS From HIGHWAY To DIRT ROAD Motorcycle VS Cops Running From The Cops 2018

10 Aug 2017 15:01 162
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EPIC Motorcycle VS Cops Police Chase Bikers Running From The Cops Street Bike Chase Starts On Highway & Some How Bikers End Up On Dirt Road Cop Chase 2018 Caught On Tape! Motorcycle police chase was captured on camera from two different camera angles from Gopro Hero cameras or dash cam mounted to moto rider helmets. A group of insane bikers perform illegal motorcycle stunts on a Los Angeles, CA freeway. When out of nowhere, a California Highway Patrol cop catches riders by surprise & attempts to stop the motorcycle stunt riders. Cop car swerves out of traffic & tries to block the riders path by using patrol car as roadblock but all the motorcycles escape the roadblock & begin running from the cops. The cop begins a high speed pursuit of motorcycles as the motorcycles split lanes & swerve around traffic on busy windy roadway. The bikers continue to ride at high speeds & think they've lost the cop who was visible a few mins ago in pursuit chasing motorbikes. The pack of street bikes then decides to turn down a random side street to stop and regroup. Then about 30 seconds later the cop reappears with back up after highway patrol officer joins the chase to catch the group of bikers. The cops chase street bike riders down a narrow, windy, rough road that turns into an unpaved dirt road with huge ruts and bumps. The bikes kick up tons of dust. Eventually the police are able to catch an arrest one of the motorcycle riders 12:09 as all of the other bikers getaway & escape outrunning law enforcement.


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