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In this extraordinary archive footage from 1955, Sir Winston Churchill leaves 10 Downing St. for the last time to heartfelt goodbyes from his cabinet and the Queen.

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(Orig.Neg. & Lav.) (Orig.A.)

Downing Street & Buckingham Palace, London.

CU. Sir Winston Churchill (lib). GV. Crowds at Downing Street, & SV. SV. Lord Woolton arriving at No 10 for the last cabinet meeting with Sir Winston Churchill as Prime Minister. SV. Sir Anthony Eden, former Foreign Secretary and new Prime Minister, walking down Downing Street. SCU. Sir Anthony Eden entering No 10. LV. Crowd and press outside No 10. SCU. Sir David Eccles, Conservative Minister of Education, arrives. SCU. Mr Harold Macmillan, Foreign Secretary, arriving. SV. Pressmen. CU. Mr R. A. Butler waving from No 10. SV. Crowd. CU. American sailor watching. SV. Sir David Maxwell Fyffe leaving, followed by other ministers. LV. Crowds outside No 10. SV. Sir Walter Monckton, Conservative Minster of Labour and National Service, and Lord Woolton leaving. SCU. Pan, Sir Anthony Eden walking back up Downing Street. SCU. Mass of pressmen, pan to Sir Winston Churchill coming out of No 10. CU. Sir Winston smiling. SV. Sir Winston smiling and walks forward to car. SV. Sir Winston driving off in car and giving "V" sign. He drives to Buckingham Palace to hand his resignation to the Queen. Angle shot, Captain Christopher Soames, Sir Winston's son in law, watching Sir Winston's car drive down Downing Street. LV. Churchill's car. GV. Crowds outside Buckingham Palace. SV. Towards and pan, Sir Winston driving out of Buckingham Palace. Angle shot, name "Downing Street" (lib.). SV. Sir Winston and Lady Churchill walking onto pavement from No 10 to meet the Queen (night before, Churchill in court dress), and SCU. SV. Churchill, turning to meet Queen's car. GV. Top view, Queen's car pulling up outside No 10. SV. Queen Elizabeth II steps out of car, shakes hands with Sir Winston Churchill and Lady Churchill. Duke of Edinburgh follows in greetings to Churchills, they enter No 10. GV. Houses of Parliament at night (lib.). SV. Sir Winston walking onto pavement to stand by Queen's car. Queen and Prince Philip say goodbye to Sir Winston and Lady Churchill. Queen and Duke entering car. SV. Pan, car drives away. SV. Back view, Sir Winston turns and enters No 10. SV. Mr Clement Attlee waiting for car. SV. Lady Eden followed by Sir Anthony Eden walking onto pavement from No 10. He waves to crowds and steps into car.

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