Finding truth in a post-truth world | Elliot Higgins | TEDxAmsterdam

19 Nov 2016 13:23 44
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Eliot Higgins is the founder of Bellingcat, a network of freelance journalists and investigators, that uses open source and social media investigation to investigate a variety of subjects. In his talk, Higgins will show how a renaissance in the production and use of open source information is aiding investigators to uncover the truth behind a range of events, from conflict to corruption, from the downing of Flight MH17 to the war in Syria.

Eliot Higgins is the founder of Bellingcat, visiting research associate at King’s College London’s War Studies department, visiting research fellow at UC Berkeley School of Law’s Human Rights Center, and a non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. He’s also an award winning investigative journalist and publishes the work of an international alliance of fellow investigators who use freely available online information. His inquiries have revealed extraordinary findings, including linking the Buk used to down flight MH17 to Russia, uncovering details about the Aug 21, 2013 Sarin attacks in Damascus, and evidencing the involvement of the Russian military in the Ukrainian conflict. Recently he has worked with the Atlantic Council on the report “Hiding in Plain Sight,” which used open source information to detail Russia’s military involvement in the crisis in Ukraine.


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