6/27/18 - Penny's 3rd Day with Tamu

28 Jun 2018 03:20:49 56
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Three-week-old Penny and 32-year-old Tamu spent some time in the birth stall together again today. Penny continues to behave more confidently while in the stall, and spent more time there today. (Click "Show More" for more of Penny's story.)

Previous attempts to reunite Penny with her mom were dangerous for Penny. Her mom used the same bumps and nudges that she would with a healthy calf, and also tried to protect her by standing over her. The result was additional splays by Penny, which are something we need to avoid at all costs. Tamu was chosen to be the first adult giraffe for Penny to spend time with following her recent injuries because of Tamu's track record of being gentle with other calves. Hopefully, after she gets stronger, she'll be able to be back with her mom.

Penny is currently receiving 24-hour-a-day care from our animal care team. Her road to recovery has been chronicled in-depth on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CMZoo.

You can view this stall live 24 hours a day at http://cmzoo.org/birthcam, and you can view our giraffe herd when they are outside at http://cmzoo.org/giraffecam.

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