Smart Mobility projects in the province of Noord-Holland (the Netherlands)

21 Apr 2017 04:13 2
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This video provides you with an overview of various smart mobility tests done in the province of Noord-Holland, the Netherlands.

Noord-Holland is a dense province in Holland. It has industry, a popular airport and it holds the capital city of Holland, Amsterdam. Noord-Holland has every reason to support smart mobility projects in order to assure appropriate flow of traffic.

Noord-Holland has the right infrastructure (roads, traffic control systems, etc.), knowhow and relations with partners from over the world for doing smart mobility projects. For that reason parties such as Daimler-Benz (future Bus), Nissan, Technical University Delft and telco provider KPN have worked together with this province already.

The province of Noord-Holland welcomes more parties to join their projects. Feel free to contact the Province of Noord-Holland for more information.

This film was created by SHH Productions in the Netherlands.

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