E1002 Wealthfront CEO Andy Rachleff on hitting escape velocity, pioneering "self-driving money"

20 Nov 2019 01:25:21 13
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Wealthfront CEO & Co-founder Andy Rachleff on hitting escape velocity at Wealthfront, pioneering "self-driving money" for consumers, shares insights on product-building in 1980's vs. today, best investor attributes, & the future of NextGen banking

1:08 Jason intros Andy Rachleff
2:20 Where is Wealthfront at currently?
4:44 How are traditional money managers allowed to get away with so much?
10:19 How has Andy dealt with becoming the elder statesmen at his company?
14:15 What are Wealthfront Cash Accounts?
18:27 Wealthfront's long term vision
23:49 What is high-revenue retention? How does Wealthfront maintain it?
27:44 How has Silicon Valley changed since Andy started at Benchmark?
32:10 Andy describes his greatest skill as an investor
35:30 What were the 1980's like in Venture Capital?
40:05 What do you call a VC who's never lost money?
55:01 Jason & Andy discuss how Silicon Valley is viewed in the present day

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