Journey to the Edge of the Universe

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“Presenting the first accurate non-stop voyage from Earth to the edge of the Universe using a single, unbroken shot through the use of spectacular Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) technology.”

“Building on images taken from the Hubble telescope, this documentary explores the science and history behind the distant celestial bodies in our solar system.”

“This spectacular, epic voyage across the cosmos, takes us from the Earth, past the Moon and our neighboring planets, out of our Solar System, to the nearest stars, nebulae and galaxies and beyond; right to the edge of the Universe.”

National Geographic 2008.
First Broadcast: December 7, 2008

Director: Yavar Abbas
Writers: Nigel Henbest and Billie Pink
U.S. Edition Narrated by: Alec Baldwin
U.K.Edition Narrated by: Sean Pertwee.

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