Lace Frontal: How to glue, cut the lace, and sew the back by @TTDoesitAll

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Its only available to purchase from your internet browser or desktop. You will not be able to purchase from the Youtube App. The video is open to purchase and play with unlimited views! Once you purchase, its yours!
As you all know my 1 on 1 training classes are $500 in St Louis. Each Video I upload teaching frontal steps will be $50-$75 each. Each stylists needs are very specific so you can chose from the videos I offer which you are wanting to learn the most. This is the 1st video of many.
In this video I will teach:
*How to install a frontal with NO folds and be able to pull behind your ear.
*How, where and WHEN to cut the lace
*How to apply baby hairs

For items I use/displayed in this video:

To some of you, this may not be something you wish to learn, and the next video may be everything you’ve been looking for. That is why I break down what I teach in separate videos. You all know I am THOROUGH, and I HATE loud music and fast paced videos so my videos will definitely be full of information and easy to follow!

I do not list my install prices online they are only on my website which is listed below!

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