Stop Living in a Sad Girl House

19 Nov 2016 03:20 3,227
22,591 474

If you have half empty splenda packets all over your kitchen counter, if there's always a yoga mat on your floor but you've never used it--girl, you might have 'sad girl house'.

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Siobhan Thompson
Grant O'Brien
Cynthia Kao
Katie Marovitch
Christine Bullen


Director - Ryan Martin
Writer - Siobhan Thompson and Grant O'Brien
Producer- Shane Crown
Production Coordinator- Francesca McLafferty
DP - Nathan Krauss
DP - Luc Delamare
1st AC - Josh Kay
1st AC - John Morrissey
2nd AC/DIT - Skyler Bocciolatt
2nd AC/DIT - Carlos Lopez
Gaffer - Kevyn Delgado
Gaffer - Vince Valentin
Key Grip - Rene Yescas
Key Grip - Justin Lee
Sound Mixer - Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound
Production Designer - Jacob Boyett
HMU - Denise Valentine
President of Original Content- Sam Reich
Vice President of Production- Spencer Griffin
Executive in Charge of Production- Sam Sparks
Director of Post Production- Michael Schaubach
Supervising Producer- Alex Edge
Post Production Manager- Stephanie Zorn
Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer- Phil Fox
Production Legal- Karen Segall
Production Accountant- Shay Parsons
Production Accountant- Chetera Bell
Production Assistant - Helena McGill
Production Assistant - Sharilyn Hernandez
Assistant Editor - Spencer Kombol
Editor - Sam Geer
Visual Effects - TJ Gonzalez
Post Supervisor - Melissa Balan
Post Coordinator - Theodora Hart

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