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With many women concerned about their reproductive rights, it's important now, more than ever, to know your body and what options you have available to you. We sat down with Carly Aquilino andNessa Diab from MTV's Girl Code, who had no problem getting candid about the expectations put on women — many times, by women — and how hard it can be.

The comedian and radio host (respectively) have been traveling around the country to college campuses as a part of Plan B One Step's Perfectly Imperfect campaign, letting young women know they don't have to be (and aren't expected to be) perfect when it comes to their sex lives. Plan B One Step is a form of emergency contraception you can take to prevent unwanted pregnancy when you have unprotected sex or your birth control fails. The stigma Plan B is an "abortion pill" is exactly why Carly and Nessa feel there needs to be open communication about the options available to you when things don't get exactly as planned. "There are so many myths floating around," said Nessa. "As women, it's so important that we educate each other with actual facts and that we're able to spread the truth about our health, our body and what matters to us."

"There is something really great about knowing what your options are should something not go according to plan," said Carly. "It's empowering, it gives you confidence to feel like you have control over your own body."

Check out the full interview to hear more from Carly and Nessa, and be sure to let us know your favorite part of the interview in the comments below. For more info about Plan B One Step:

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